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Webship achieves bio-certificate

Webship achieved the renewed bio-certificate in 2022. This means that Webship may store and ship pre-packaged organic goods. Bio is a protected European food label. The organic label is a European label that is mandatory for all biologically produced goods. In order to obtain this label, one must comply with strict rules and agreements regarding organic farming, processing and sales. These rules and agreements apply to the grower, the producer, the retailer as well as to the potential fulfillment partner. If a company selling organic products wishes to work with an external logistics partner such as Webship, then Webship must also obtain the bio-certificate. Organic products are on the rise. Supermarkets have seen increases in organic product sales of up to ten percent and more. There is also a large increase in web shops offering organic products. Thanks to obtaining the bio-certificate, Webship is an interesting partner for these web shops.

Why is bio so important?

The organic farming model is sometimes seen as a model for the future. Organic agriculture and animal husbandry are environmentally friendly systems that, through their dependence on the ground, take into account the carrying capacity of nature. The organic farmers therefore take good care of the soil, protect the biodiversity on and around their fields and only use natural pesticides. The work of the organic farmers deserves applause. Research shows that thanks to organic farming, the soil life is much healthier, the soil as a system is much more resilient, the groundwater is less polluted by pesticides and organic practices generally cause a lower burden on the environment.

How do you recognize bio?

If the word ‘organic’ or ‘bio’ is literally on the product, then one can be sure that it is actually an organic product. Both terms are legally protected. To be absolutely sure, there should be the European organic logo next to one of the terms. Under the organic logo, there is often a code to be seen. This code indicates where the product comes from and which control organization it was checked by. When buying organic vegetables or fruit, these are not always packed. If these are sold loose, you can find all product information on the crate card. The crate card is attached to the crate in which the vegetables or fruit are traded. The word ‘organic’ and the EU organic logo are always mentioned, together with the company details of the company from which the product comes.

Bio-certificate and Webship?

Companies that want to entrust the logistics of their organic products to Webship make an excellent choice. Webship is an interesting partner for organic producers. Incoming goods are immediately checked and assigned simultaneously to one or more of the numbered locations within the warehouse. In this way, goods are stored per SKU, lot number and expiration date, so they cannot be confused with other goods. Organic goods and non-organic goods are never stored in the same location within the warehouse.

Furthermore, it is not possible to exchange goods during an order, since all orders are picked up via the barcode scanner of the cloud application. On the packing slip, you can see the products that bear an organic label, the lot number and/or expiration date if applicable, and the code of the corresponding control mechanism. Every order is easily traceable so that it can always be seen which goods were in an order and to which lot they belonged. The stock can also be consulted online at any time and it is known which products are located at which locations.

Webship can therefore proudly announce that both the cloud application and the warehouse are fully ready to store and ship organic goods according to the letter of the law!

Do you have organic goods and are you looking for a logistics partner? Contact us at hallo@webship.be!

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