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Developing an online store: check!

3, 2, 1... get your shop online

You are about to start an online store but don‘t have any idea how to do that? Start small and grow organically or start with all bells and whistles to flood the market afterwards? Or something in between? Whatever you decide, we can offer a price/quality solution for any budget.

Since 2011 we have been developing and maintaining various webshops. We have a few of our own shops where we daily turn theory into practice. We experiment with A/B tests, email campaigns, Google Ads, heatmaps, click recordings, etc. to make the experience for the visitor as pleasant as possible.

No idea what where talking about? We are ready to plunge you into the wonderful world of ecommerce!

Our skills

Social media
Online advertising

Integration & automation

It goes without saying that we aim to integrate as many functionalities as possible in the web store and automate recurring processes. Think of different payment options for the visitor, multiple shipping methods, automatically creating an invoice (and/or linking with an accounting package), stock management, fulfilment, etc. (of course we provide a connection with our WMS).

Running a web store should not be a burden. As the shop manager it is important to focus on the truly important things: purchase, sale, customer contact You don‘t have to worry about technical or administrative matters, or at least as little as possible.

KBC Partner

Did you know that we are officially partnered with KBC? Through KBCpaypage, we can easily and securely offer various payment solutions on an online store. Want to know more? Visit the paypage page on the KBC website.

Mollie Partner

The second payment provider with whom we have developed a partnership is the Dutch Mollie. Mollie is known for its nononsense approach, transparent prices and advanced technology. Three characteristics that we also hold in high esteem, a match made in heaven! Curious if Mollie is the right partner for you?