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What does e-Fulfilment cost for an online shop?

Transparency is our hallmark. By filling in the parameters below, you will get a realistic calculation of the actual cost per order. This includes all possible costs: storage, picking & packing, shipping, etc No cleaned up and hidden rates from us, but a realistic representation of the actual costs.

Step 1/2: Calculate your average cost per order

Product information

What products do you exactly sell and what do they look like?


How many orders do you process (or hope to process) per month and what do those orders look like?


Tell us how your total product storage looks.

One europallet of goods, stacked 2 meters high, is equivalent to approximately 2 cubic meters. How much storage space do you think you will need?
What do your products look like? If it's small amounts per type, you would need shelves (slide to the right). If you have a lot of the same type, you would need pallet positions (slide to the left). If you have no idea, leave the value at 50%.


0.00per order

The calculated cost per order includes all storage costs, use of our cloud application, picking & packing, and shipping costs. This is a transparent ALL-IN price indication, without any hidden surprises.

or 0.00% of the average order value

PRO TIP: Did you know that the logistics cost of an e-commerce order is usually 10 to 15% of the order amount? With this result, you can easily compare your situation and determine the profitability.

Step 2/2: Receive a detailed quote

Do you wish to receive a more detailed and personalized quote based on the entered parameters? You can, fill in your contact details below and you can expect a quote with simulation in your mailbox within 48 hours!

Sales channel

Tell us more about how you currently sell your product(s) or plan to sell in the future.

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