WebShip e-Fulfilment Belgium

1 order sent = 1 tree planted

Project 'OOOT'

With theOOOT project, orOne Order, One Tree in full, we are taking the initiative at Webship together with our fulfillment customers to plant one tree for every order sent.

This project not only provides an enormous reduction in CO2 over a period of dozens of years, but it goes one step further. The American NGOTrees for future wants not only to compensate for CO2 but also to pull local communities out of poverty by planting trees in third world countries. Two birds with one stone and we are happy to contribute to this!

Because this project can not be explained on one page, and we also see it as more than just contributing a stone within Webship, we have developed a separate miniwebsite for this. You can find all the information about this project there and also see which of our customers are engaging in this and can therefore carry theOOOT label.