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e-Fulfilment for startups and SMEs

Outsource your logistics?

You can outsource the logistics of your (online) shop either from the start or after a while to an efulfilment partner. In both scenarios, there are a few things you should definitely take into consideration. In addition, we also have promotional fulfilment, where your company can make occasional use of our services.

Either from the start

If you don‘t have the time, space or inclination to manage the logistics of your online store yourself, then you should look for a partner who can do this for you from the beginning. You probably don‘t have any experience in ecommerce, so correct advice is very important. No talk, but tothepoint action points from purchase order to returns and everything in between.

Look for a partner who:

Either after a while

You‘ve had an online store for several months or years and it‘s going well? Then it might be time to look for the next step in the growth process: outsourcing the logistics so that you can focus more on the further development of your business. Our advice for existing online stores: if you have more than 250 orders per month, you should switch to a fulfillment partner.

Look for a partner who:

Either sporadically

You are looking for a logistics partner who can carry out sporadic logistical orders? This may be about promotional fulfilment or other periodic shipments that need to be made. We are happy to take over the monotony for you and ensure a flawless delivery of your promotional material or other goods to be delivered.

Look for a partner who:

From €4,74 per order, all in

What can we offer?


WMS connections

With our own designed order and stock management system, we are able to quickly provide a connection for any type of webshop. Of course, orders can also be loaded manually or via an (automatic) import file into our application.

Do you not yet have a webshop or are you still in startup? No problem, we can advise which software you should use and how orders can come in to us automatically.

Shipping partners

Different courier and transport companies come to us daily to pick up or deliver goods. Our customers can enjoy our volume contracts and therefore low shipping prices, both nationally and internationally.

Do you already have a contract with a courier service and do you want to keep it? No problem, we don‘t force anyone to enjoy our advantageous rates.

What does it costs?


Starting €0,15 per week
small bin (2,88dm³)

Pick & Pack

Starting €1,95 per order
1 order item + packing slip + insert + pick/pack


Starting €2,79 per parcel
home delivery (mailbox package)

The story behind e-fulfilment

1. Purchase orders

Before we can fulfil your sales orders, there must be products available. You can quickly enter your purchase order through our online application.

2. Incomming goods

When goods arrive at our warehouse, we check the quality and quantity before storing them in the warehouse. Products are available for shipping!

3. Sales orders

Orders can be entered manually in the system or they can be automatically received via a linked webshop or marketplace.

4. Pick & pack

Once the payment has been received, our order pickers can start picking and packing the order(s) according to your requirements.

5. Shipping

Different courier services visit us daily to pick up (or drop off) packages/pallets and deliver them to the end customers worldwide.

6. Returns

Return management is an important link in the sales process. Returns are registered in advance through our app so we can process return quick and easy.

Try 14 days free on trial

Are you not 100% convinced of our capabilities or do you just want to know what it feels like to suddenly have oceans of time to focus on building your business? No problem! We offer our services free of charge for 14 days.

Yes, you read that right, you can store (a selection of) your goods with us for 14 days without any obligation. You don‘t pay for storage, pick & pack or WMS. Only the packaging and protective materials and shipping costs will be charged. Maximum 20 orders, maximum 20 SKU‘s in stock. Interested? Contact us and we‘ll get everything sorted

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