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Pick & Pack, pakcing slip with own logo, adding a flyer, packing, taping, adding a shipping label & shipping with home delivery!

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The story behind e-fulfilment

1. Purchase orders

Before we can fulfil your sales orders, there must be products available. You can quickly enter your purchase order through our online application.

2. Incomming goods

When goods arrive at our warehouse, we check the quality and quantity before storing them in the warehouse. Products are available for shipping!

3. Sales orders

Orders can be entered manually in the system or they can be automatically received via a linked webshop or marketplace.

4. Pick & pack

Once the payment has been received, our order pickers can start picking and packing the order(s) according to your requirements.

5. Shipping

Different courier services visit us daily to pick up (or drop off) packages/pallets and deliver them to the end customers worldwide.

6. Returns

Return management is an important link in the sales process. Returns are registered in advance through our app so we can process return quick and easy.

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Who are we and what do we do?

From Vichte, Belgium, we provide different e-commerce services for more than 100 (inter)national online shops. Our customers are mainly in the BeNeLux region but also beyond, such as the UK, US, Africa, and Asia.

With our 4,000m² warehouse, we can handle almost any e-fulfillment project. So we’re not just here for packing and shipping packages, but you can also rely on us for additional fulfillment services like first line support, product photography, etc.

Our self-developed order and inventory management system, Webship Online, connects to the most popular e-commerce platforms, but can basically be linked to any system. That way, orders come in real-time, and we’re ready to process them!

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