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Product sealing?

The benefits of sealed products

By sealing your product (surrounding it with a thin plastic layer), you ensure it can be stored dustfree. The sealing also gives extra assurance to the customer that this is indeed a new product. Especially for care and/or food products, this is a must!

By applying a seal, you can also easily make product combinations that are neatly packaged together. This contributes to a more professional appearance and makes it more pleasant for the customer to receive the product.

The benefits of sealed products are clear: dustfree, extra assurance for the customer and a professional appearance. The sealing allows you to package and ship your products in a safe, reliable and professional way.

Producten sealen
  • 0-100 products €0,75/seal
  • 100-250 products €0,70/seal
  • 250-500 products €0,65/seal
  • 500-1000 products €0,55/seal
  • 1000-5000 products €0,45/seal
  • 5000+ products offerte

The fixed setup cost is95 per series of products to be sealed. Maximum product dimensions: 50x35x20cm, max 15kg.