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Warehouse Management System

The stock is the beating heart of any (web)shop. Whether it is ten or ten thousand items: stock determines what you can sell and equally what you can‘t sell. It is therefore of great importance to accurately keep track of stock and intervene where necessary. Not only do your customers want clarity regarding the availability of a product but also for your own accounting this is a must.

The current and historical stock levels of your products will also be important to adjust your purchasing behaviour. When do you order which product from the supplier, and how many pieces should that be? Important matters that determine the continuity of your webshop.

Questions such asdoes it make sense to promote product X this month via our Facebook page?’ orwhat was my stock value at the end of the last financial year?’ should be answered in one second.

The essence of the story is to accurately keep track of your stock without much time waste, even more: it should save you a lot of time in the end. Forget about Excel or other makeshift solutions to keep track of your stock, from now on use Webship Online!

Webship Online

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