Logistic services for B2B companies

Are you a B2B business in the e-commerce sector looking for the ultimate logistics solution? Look no further. We specialize in managing your inventory and streamlining your shipments to other businesses, whether they are physical stores, online shops, or wholesalers. We make your logistics nightmares a thing of the past.

What can we offer?

Accurate inventory management: no more overstocking or understocking

With us, you get real-time access to your inventory status through a user-friendly cloud application. No surprises, only the assurance that your products are available when you need them, even while on the go or traveling. Thanks to our advanced in-house IT system, you can avoid both overstocking and understocking, enabling you to focus optimally on sales and promotions.

Case Study: One of our clients, a luxury office furniture manufacturer, managed to reduce their storage costs by 20% while increasing product availability. How? Through our accurate inventory management.

Incoming goods inspection: your quality guarantee

We do not just receive your goods; we also carry out extensive quality checks where necessary. We document everything meticulously, so any issues are identified early on and can be addressed immediately.

Case Study: A fashion company faced regular complaints about product quality. After employing our services, the complaints dropped drastically thanks to our thorough quality checks upon arrival.

Efficient picking and packing: every second counts

Time is money. That’s why our picking and packing process is designed for quick and error-free operations. Your goods are not just picked quickly, but also packed securely and sturdily, ready for shipment. Whether it’s pallets or individual packages, we always provide appropriate shipping packaging.

Flexible shipping options: you ask, we deliver

Do you prefer to ship by (half) pallet or by package? Both are possible. We even offer the option of scheduled deliveries or time-slot deliveries to make it as easy as possible for your B2B customers.

Case Study: A client who sells raw materials to the food industry required frequent scheduled deliveries with precise time slots to a large Belgian retailer. Due to our flexible shipping options, we were able to meet these specific requirements, resulting in a long-term collaboration.

Monitoring and handling of damage cases: we take care of it

Damage during transport is always a risk, but with us, the monitoring of such cases is seamless. We provide quick solutions, from returns to replacements, ensuring that your customers remain satisfied, even when things go wrong.

Need a fulfilment partner?

Are you searching for a fulfilment partner to take the logistical burden off your shoulders? Wondering whether it’s more advantageous to outsource logistics rather than investing in setting up your own logistics process?

Contact us today. We’re happy to answer all your questions, and you’re always welcome for a tour of our e-fulfilment center!

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